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Dawn Fotopulos

HR as a Profit Center: Putting Hard Measures to Soft Dynamics

Monday, September 26, 8:00-12:00 p.m.

$349 - Price includes a copy of Accounting for the Numberphobic

This Workshop has been pre-approved for 4 Business Credits by HRCI

Workshop Title: HR as a Profit Center:  Putting Hard Measures to Soft Dynamics

Workshop Description: In just four hours, Dawn’s workshop will Change your DNA; Change the way you look at the world; and change your futures. 

All C-level executives view HR as a necessary evil; an expense that needs to be reduced at worst and EEOC fire insurance at best. Most HR professionals are trained in compensation and benefits, recruitment, training and development, but not in what makes a business run. Few, even those with MBAs in management, understand the direct and measurable connection between the effectiveness of human capital and the health of the franchise. Most HR professionals cannot read a basic financial dash board, therefore, they lose credibility and authority when negotiating for resources day to day.

Many HR professionals have communicated to Dawn over the last twenty years that it is very difficult to argue for budget during the annual Darwinian exercise because HR is a cost, not a profit center. Training and development programs are the first to get chopped when revenues get soft because HR executives don’t have the language or the context to speak to the CFO in a language he or she finds credible.  Proof of this is that very few HR senior executives sit on the executive committees of their firms, though they should.

Dawn Fotopulos has designed this program based on measurable learning outcomes. The workshop will change the "DNA" of HR executives to speak the language of the CFO; to change the way they read their financial dashboards so they can track the health of the franchise. Furthermore, HR executives need to put hard measures to soft dynamics that affect business drivers like employee and customer satisfaction (in that order). All of which will be covered in the four hours spent with Dawn.  

This workshop will require pre-conference reading and review questions that will be distributed to participants. The workshop will use Accounting for the Numberphobic; A survival Guide for Small Business Owners (AMACOM Books) as the text.


Dawn Fotopulos is on a mission to change the odds of success for small business. She has proven by promoting financial literacy for small business owners, small business failures can be reduced by half. By making accounting funny and approachable for everyone from fashion designers to medical device developers, she is the bridge between the boring number crunchers and the dreamers who have no idea why after working 16 hours days there’s no cash in the bank. Over twenty years in the trenches as a successful real estate investor, banker, professor, and turnaround expert makes her uniquely qualified to address her audience; the millions of small business owners globally who are turning their skills and experience into cash flow to support their households. Her audience reaches from Beijing, Mumbai, Eastern Europe to the United Kingdom and North America.

Dawn Fotopulos is a featured author and guest with The American Management Association, The Kauffman Foundation, The Levin Institute for Entrepreneurship, Jim Blasingame’s Small Business Network, Jim Beach School for Start Ups, Moe Abdou 33 Voices, Stephanie Burns Chic CEO, MSNBC Your Business, Cox Small Business Network, The Applegate Network,, Quickbooks Community for Self-Employed, Job Creator’s Network, and the Huffington Post. She is the founder of the award winning website, Best Small Biz and the author of “Accounting for the Numberphobic; A Survival Guide for Small Business Owners” AMACOM Books 2014.

Currently, Professor Fotopulos resides in New York, NY as Associate Professor of Business at The King’s College, New York City, Finance Faculty at The American Management Association, and President of DF Consulting, Inc. She holds her MBA in Management with distinction from the Stern School at New York University and her Bachelors of Science with honors from Cornell University.

When she is not busy holding seminars and workshops, she enjoys hang gliding and cooking Greek food like her Yia-Yia used to make.



"I've been a member of EO (Entrepreneurs Organization) for 2 years and in that time have heard 50-60 high powered speakers talk to us about our businesses. Of that group, I count Dawn Fotopulos as the most high value, best take away, most directly actionable speaker to date. No other individual has had such a profoundly transformative and positive impact on my company's business. The number of "ah-ha" moments were striking. I'm also not the only person amongst my colleagues who feels this way. Half a year on we continue to cite the potency of Dawn's teaching." - C.P., CEO, Phoenix Media

"Whenever Dawn Fotopulos opens her mouth, everyone takes notes. Whether she's talking about Leadership for Introverts, How to Kill the Company in Four Short Weeks, or Sales Budget Boogie, she's a genius at taking complex ideas and making them funny and accessible for everyone in the organization. Dawn's talks provide the catalyst for positive change in any organization.
Her senior executive experience as a line manager in five industries and turnaround specialist at a large global bank gives her deep insight into the challenges that cause friction in building customer relationships and keeping your team at peak performance. Her talks leave the audience not just with inspiration but a road map to do things better when they get back to the office.
Dawn Fotopulos is known for the extensive research she does on the industry and company before she delivers a powerful message. She's effective because she knows her audience well and the pressures they face intimately before she takes the stage. The audience knows the difference.
Dawn is a world-class story teller and through these stories delivers extraordinary OMG moments.
No matter how large the audience, her down to earth speaking style is so comfortable, you feel like she's speaking just to you; like you're receiving great wisdom from a close friend.
The real test of a great speaker is if the people listening remember key takeaways months later. Anyone I've spoken to who has heard Dawn Fotopulos speak always wants to hear more.
If you need someone to deliver real value brilliantly and consistently, hire this woman." - K.A.C., CEO, The Wall Street Coach

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