Pre-Conference Workshops with

Sally Jue from Cook Ross Inc.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Join us for in-depth half-day workshops that provide unique insight and training to differentiate yourself in the workplace. In each workshop you will receive 3, 3.5 or 6.5 hours of personalized experiences that won't just train you- they will change your life and they will change the way you look at business. Attend both workshops at a full day rate of $175. Individual workshop prices outlined below. Workshop space is limited and redeemed on a first come first serve basis; sign up today to ensure a seat!  You can register through the conference registration page here.

Inclusive Leadership: Coaching for Sustainable Behavior Change 


 It’s the Little Things: Creating Inclusion by Addressing Micro-behaviors

Maximum Seats Available: 22 out of 35

Price: $100

AFTERNOON SESSION: Inclusive Leadership: Coaching for Sustainable Behavior Change (3 hours)

In this session, senior HR professionals will enhance their coaching skills to facilitate the practice of inclusive leadership. We will build on evidenced-based methods for motivating and sustaining behavior change, and exchange promising practices for on-the-job application of coaching and inclusive leadership skills.


Maximum Seats Available: 22 out 35

Price: $100

MORNING SESSION: It’s the little things: Creating Inclusion by AddressingMicro-behaviors (3.5 hours)

This session explores how micro-behaviors, subtle acts that are often overlooked, can leave some people feeling discounted (micro-inequities) while giving notable advantages to others (micro-advantages). We will explore ways to pro-actively address these micro-behaviors to build a culture of inclusion.


Attend both workshops for only $175.